Innovative Sports Gaming & Database Marketing Platform

☑️ Drive Fan Engagement with Alternative Fantasy Sports Games
☑️ Grow Your Consumer Database
☑️ Analyze Gaming Behavior and Trends
☑️ Segment Data and Create Profiles
☑️ Use Insights to Market Strategically


What We Do – SAAS B2B Gaming Platform

Fan & Customer Engagement Solutions

Achieved Through A NEW Form Of Fantasy Sports

StatementGames gives you the ability to offer alternative sports gaming / fantasy sports in-house

  • Join A Contest
  • Players are presented with a list of in-game Statements – Props
  • Users select 10 statements and rank them in order of confidence
  • Points are awarded for correct picks
  • The player with the most points from correct picks – WINS


– Patented Aug’20 – 10,748,374

Sports Analytics & Insights

Grow your internal database and become more informed on who your customers are as well as their interests. With the StatementGames platform you will be able to:

Capture hundreds of data points

Acquire gaming insights

  • Tournaments your community plays
  • Top Players
  • Most Popular Game Picks Made
  • Most Popular Player Picks Made


Database Marketing

With our proprietary sports gaming platform, you have the ability to take marketing action on your sports data.

Create marketing campaigns around insights captured

Personalize content keeping fans within your ecosystem longer

StatementGames integrates your existing marketing assets for messaging delivery

  • Twilio (Sendgrid)
  • G-Mail
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • General POP E-Mail Delivery Services

With StatementGames fans will become more receptive to your content.


What Are Industry Professionals Saying?

“The StatementGames platform give me the creative tools needed to further engage my community. I have not seen another service like it!”


Darren Walls, CEO & Founder at SportsHosts

“I love the aspect of creating a drive for people to give us their emails so that we can then go and market to them, because we prioritize our email marketing heavily to convert customers”

Nathan Cheatham, Founder & Co-Owner of

Interested In Partnering With StatementGames