Frequently Answered Questions

What makes our organizations alternative DFS (Daily Fantasy Sports) game different?

The platforms benchmark gaming product offers an alternative twist on traditional fantasy sports. Although the growth of sports gaming / fantasy sports has skyrocketed, the industry has failed to develop new easy to navigate games that compliment traditional DFS. StatementGames is “Trademarked” and “Patented”. (Patent Aug’20 – 10,748,374) Our patent validates how the system and process we power is unique to StatementGames Inc. 

In all, the process that we power involves one in which we allow are partners to seamlessly publish that allow gamers to: 

  1. Join Public or Private Contests
  2. Players are presented with a list of in-game statements / sports props
  3. Players select 10 statements and rank them in order of confidence. (10 being your most confident pick.) 
  4. Points are awarded for correct picks
  5. The player with the most points from correct picks at the end of a specific sporting event wins.
How does StatementGames create gaming markets? Where is does the data to create markets come from?

We use a combination of methods. StatementGames Inc. has built technology that scraps the internet that is brought into our databases. We have also partnered with some of the leading sports data organizations within the industry. Today our primary sports data partner is 

    I have an existing relationship with a sports data provider, can this relationship be utilized?

    Yes, StatementGames is sports data agnostic. We have done multiple integrations and if understand that you may have contractual obligations when it comes to the topic of sports data. If prefer one data partnership over another we are happy to do our best to accommodate.

      Does StatmentGames own a “Patent” on this concept and if so, what type of IP does the organization own?

      Yes, the StatementGames system is patented under “Systems & Processes”. (Patent Aug’20 – 10,748,374) The system and process our team has created that powers a game that gives players the ability to organize a series of predictive statements that compete against others is proprietary to us. 

      Why Integrate StatementGames?

      The sports content / media space has grown to be extremely competitive. Publishers and brands are constantly looking for innovative ways to address challenges in areas of “Fan Engagement” and “Database Marketing”. With on simple integrations StatementGames can help you address such challenges via an alternative form of Sports Gaming.

      What Is The StatementGames “Hosted Solution”?

      It is a solution that makes it easy for you to take possession of the StatementGames White-Labeled services. A services that becomes an extension of your digital efforts. With this solution, StatementGames does all the heavy lifting with regards to web hosting and gaming management. From within the platform you simply select services and modify logos and other images in order to get up an running. StatementGames handles all the rest.

      How Long Does It Take To Integrate The StatementGames Platform?

      Upon agreeing to StatementGames Inc. terms and conditions you will receive access to the platform within 24 hours. Upon logging into the platform – integration involves a process of you selecting services, uploading design assets and modifying content templates.  Depending on the goals and objectives of our partners – integration time will vary. However basic integrations can be completed in a few hours while more complex ones take a few days. 

      Can the StatementGames platform run off a domain that other than (Can other “Host” StatementGames.)

      Yes, StatementGames can provide you with RAW API’s. Such services are available to enterprise partners & clients.

      How do I obtain access to the backend StatementGames platform?

      Sing up for one of our on-line packages or contact a member of our business development team. Once you have agreed to your desired service level your backend platform login details will be sent to you within 24 hours.

      Does the StatementGames platform provide any analytics tools?

      Yes. Analytics is a big part of the service provided by StatementGames Inc. All partners will receive charts and graphs that are easy to navigate from within their admin accounts. Some of the high level charts that are offered will outline the number of gaming tournaments your service is running. You will also receive graphical information on the number of unique gamers that are playing your games. Other graphics are available depending on your service level agreement.

      What type of consumer data does the platform help me capture?

      Our system can help you capture all sorts of consumer data. Please check our service level outline for more details. At a high level StatementGames can assist you in learning more about who your customers are, their geographical location, gender, etc. what type of games they like to play, the picks they are making, favorite teams, etc.

      What type of Gaming Data does the platform help me capture?

      Please refer to your StatementGames service level agreement. Our platform can assist you in capturing some great data around your customers favorite teams, games they like to play, the picks they are making, confidence level of made picks, etc.

      Who owns the data?

      For the most part your data is your data. Depending on your service level agreement there might be joint ownership, but StatementGames would only use your data to assist you in address some sort of customer service issue or requirement. StatementGames is not in the business of re-selling or aggregating your data.

      How does StatementGames give me the ability to take marketing action from data captured?

      StatementGames does an excellent job in converting strategic data points into “Triggers”. Our system is also flexible in supporting the top digital marketing configurations within the industry. (E-Mail Marketing & Other Marketing Messaging Providers). From within our easy to navigate platform we will help you in sending automated messages that drive engagement should a defined trigger be met. For example you might want a specific product marketing message to be sent to gamers whenever a Tom Brady pick has been made.

      Does StatementGames provide e-mail delivery services?

      StatementGames does offer e-mail marketing solutions and we can also make recommendations depending on your needs. 

      What marketing delivery platforms does StatementGames currently support?

      We are marketing platform delivery agnostic. We support multiple platforms that would deliver automated messages. We will continue to integrate the best in class messaging platforms the industry can offer. Today some of the top platforms we support include Sendgrid (Twilio), G-Suite, MailChimp, Microsoft Exchange, CleverTap, General Pop Delivery Services, etc.

      Today I am currently using Sendgrid for e-mail delivery but thinking about moving to MailChimp soon. Will switching services disrupt my service?

      No, service is easy to manage with the click of a few buttons. Switching from one service provider to another can be done in seconds without any service interruptions. 

      Does StatementGames offer customized reporting?

      Yes, customized reporting can be done for enterprise customers and partners. Please contact you account rep for more details.

      What are the costs and obligations in integrating StatementGames?

      Please refer to our products page for full details or schedule a meeting with us today. 

      I am interested in learning more about the StatementGames platform and how it can benefit my business. What is the best way to proceed?

      From our perspective, a 20-minute conversation never hurt anyone! Let’s schedule a call and learn more about one another and the best path forward.