How StatementGames Originated 

The gaming origins of StatementGames have resided within Marc Saulino’s (StatementGames Founder) family since the early 1990’s. Marc grew up in a passionate sports household. His father, Louis Saulino, raised his two sons to do a few things and a few things only. At an early age the mandate was that you rooted for the New York Giants, Rangers, Yankees & Knicks. Anything outside this mandate was viewed as sacrilegious! Needless to say, Marc and his sibling, Scott, took their marching orders seriously and rooted for the Giants, Rangers, Yankees & Knicks with passion. 

The Thanksgiving Day NFL Challenge

All was running smoothly but serious problems started to arise annually on Thanksgiving Day. For Thanksgiving the Saulino’s would make a traditional trip from Long Island to Hopkinton Massachusetts which is about 25 miles west of Boston. (Hopkinton is the starting point for the Boston Marathon.) Family lived in Hopkinton and as a youth this is where Marc celebrated Turkey Day.  

Of course, NFL Football is synonymous with Thanksgiving and Louis very much looked forward to the traditional Detroit Lions & Dallas Cowboys games. However, his two sons had NO interest. The boys were refusing to watch football with their father. They had other interests and would push back on Dad with comments like “The NY Giants do not play until Sunday. Why should we be watching Lions & Cowboy games?”  

Sports Gaming Solutions 

In an effort to address this challenge and get his sons interested in other things besides the Giants, Rangers, Yankees & knicks – Lou created a game.  The game started out on pen and paper. Lou would pull aside family members one by one and ask them a series of team & player prop questions that related to Thanksgiving Day NFL games. Questions like Barry Sanders OVER / UNDER 100 yards rushing. Detroit Lions -3.5 Vs Chicago Bears. In all you answered a series of questions. When finished, family members would throw in $1 and watch the games with passion. You would earn points for questions that ultimately became correct and the family member with the most points from correct picks won the pot!  

The game was a huge hit and it worked! Marc & Scott became interested in other sports / sporting events. The Pick’em game would be applied to various sporting events. However, playing it would become a Thanksgiving tradition that has generational memories.  

This simple Picke’em game would evolve into a digital product called StatementGames in 2017. The gaming concepts around StatementGames would be patented under systems and processes in August of 2020.  ( From a gaming perspective StatementGames Inc. has invented a different form of Daily Fantasy Sports / Sports Gaming. 

The Future Of The StatementGames Sports Fan Engagement Platform

Today StatementGames Inc. has wrapped its core gaming technology into a SAS based easy to use platform. Given the uniqueness of the game and its ability to capture the imagination of fans, the platform is in a great position to help its partners address challenges in areas of: 

  1. Fan Engagement 
  2. Sports Gaming Analytics 
  3. Database Marketing 

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