DFS Operators Are Insulting Sports Media Publishers

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Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) operators target a variety of emerging sports publishers. They offer affiliate links as an incentive in exchange for content & promotion. A few thoughts on why sports bloggers should be insulted.

We get it, it is an honor for top Daily Fantasy Sports operators to notice you. They are giving you a revenue generating opportunity. However, there are hidden benefits for the operator that are often overlooked. The wrong partnership can do more harm than good.

Operator Cost Per Acquisition Campaigns

DFS Operator: Good day sports publisher! We came across post X and the team absolutely loves what you are doing. We are curious to know if you would consider partnering with us.
Sports Publisher: That would be fantastic, let’s set up a call.

In setting up a call you will be presented with a Cost Per Acquisition Opportunity (CPA). A chance to earn CA$H should you be able to help your partner create new accounts. A NEW sign up is counted when the account is funded. Good revenue can be had if your media and content performs.

The Insulting Trade Off

The revenue generated for a sign up is easy to understand. However, fantasy sports bloggers should comprehend that your partner is getting more than a sign up. They are getting sports gaming data. By helping with acquisition, your partner is getting information such as e-mail address, sports of interest, picks made, etc. This profile has value!

With sports gaming data, marketing profiles can be created that drive traffic to content portals that compete with your services. The top DFS operators are also sports media publishers. The Duel & DK Nation are content sites that complement their gaming platforms.

Here is the BIG Insult. Reviewing the cash flow journey:

  • Publisher earns trust of sports fans with creative content.
  • Publisher generates advertising revenue.
  • Operator CPA partnership generates new revenue for the publisher. .
  • DFS platform uses data and targets publishers’ audience with content.
  • DFS planform converts user into a sports content consumer
  • Publisher loses advertising revenue.

The argument we are making is that a fantasy sports content creator might be in a tricky revenue generation situation. A situation in which you are hurting your advertising efforts in exchange for affiliate marketing growth.


Start implementing alternative fantasy sports tools into your digital assets. Do so to collect first party data for yourself. Organizations like StatementGames give you the ability to build stronger communities with White-Labeled alternative fantasy sports services. Services that allow community members to play fantasy sports under your branding guidelines. If your DFS partners can steal your customers by offering content services. Above all, fight back by offering fantasy sports games on your portal.

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