WNBA DFS Now Part of StatementGames Product Mix

WNBA fantasy basketball league: Where to play, challenges - Sports Illustrated

StatementGames Inc. offers sports publishers white-labeled gaming services that address challenges in areas of fan engagement and retention. Alternative NBA & NFL Daily Fantasy Sports solutions have been a staple within our platform. Our platform continues to grow with the addition of WNBA gaming.

The WNBA has officially tipped off its 2023 season. For this season and beyond the StatementGames solution will power a form of alternative DFS for Women’s basketball.

Our WNBA Solution

The WNBA StatementGames solution is available within all service levels. To access the product, publishers need to log into their accounts and navigate towards the “Edit Organization” tab. Within the “Gaming Operations” section you will notice a radio button labeled WNBA. By selecting this service, WNBA games will begin to appear within your lobby.

All WNBA Tournaments & Contests will follow a traditional StatmentGames format. User who join games will be able to review a list of props that are specific to the desired sporting event. They will be required to pick and rank 10 statements in order of confidence. Points are earned from picks that become correct. The individual with the most points from correct picks WINS.

The StatementGames WNBA Project Team

Gaming Architect & Project Management = Marc Saulino
Development Team Leader = Kishore Kochi
Sr. Developer = Sandeep Kumar
Lead Sports Data Provider = Quarter4

Leadership Notes & Quotes

About 22% of all fantasy sports players are engaged with the sport of basketball. I view the NBA as a visionary league that is at the forefront of sports gaming technology and strategy. StatementGames has spent a great deal of resources developing our basketball solution. It simply made sense for our organization to channel our development efforts into other basketball related products. The strategic nature of basketball as well as cost efficiency lead to the prioritization of the WNBA on our product road map.

Marc Saulino – Founder / CEO

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