Girl Power – Teaming Up with Beyond Women’s Sports

Beyond Women’s Sports aspires to empower and bring unity withing women’s sports. This sports media entity has integrated free to play alternative basketball gaming technology powered by StatementGames Inc.

Beyond Women’s Sports (BWS) is part of the growing BellyUpSports network. The media site aims to bring fans the best women’s sports coverage in the world. Their staff covers female basketball, softball, tennis, soccer, etc. As we get closer to the 2023 WNBA Playoffs, the leadership team has completed its initial fantasy basketball integration with StatementGames Inc.

With the integration completed, readers of BWS can now enjoy FREE 2 Play WNBA alternative fantasy basketball. As a result, the organization is aggressively addressing new strategies around retention & fan engagement.

With end user gaming data being organized and managed within the StatementGames Admin tool, new revenue opportunities will be pursued. Targeted “sponsored” messages that speak directly to the fans interest are being explored.

Beyond Women’s Sports & StatementGames Quotes

“We know that this is just a jumping off point with our efforts with our partners at StatementGames. We have been in communication with Marc and his team for years. Very excited to see how his organizations technology has grown! We value the simplicity of the platform and how it gives us the ability to monetize Free 2 Play fantasy basketball creatively. “ (Blaine Napier, Co-Founder BellyUpSports – Owners of Beyond Women’s Sports)

“Women’s sports media represents an underserved market and a great opportunity. It is great to see Blaine and his team take advantage of this opportunity through BWS. Our team is eager to help BWS take even greater advantage of this opportunity” (StatementGames Inc. CEO, Marc Saulino)

About BWS

BWS is a key digital asset that resides under the BellyUpSports network. The sports media network is Ohio based. BWS is in the business of featuring top news and insights taking place within Women’s sports. Please address all inquiries and questions to beyondwomenssports at gmail dot com.

About StatementGames

StatatementGames Inc. is a sports gaming technology that has invented new alternative forms of sports gaming. Through their SAAS technology platform they help sports media partners address challenges in areas of retention, database management & direct sports marketing. For media inquiries please contact

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