Tips On How Sports Publishers Can Boost Affiliate Sales

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Sports content creators work their tails off in creating interesting news. Promoting strategic affiliate offers into featured pieces serve as revenue drivers. Tips on how to maximize your revenue opportunities.

Sports media companies do their best to use their influence in pushing affiliate offers to their subscribers and followers. As gaming grows expect regulators to introduce more rules and restrictions on what can and can not be done. The future for affiliate marketing for US Sportsbooks will introduce challenges. In an effort to maximize your opportunities StatementGames Inc.has created a system that will aid with conversions. We are also giving you full control on how your offer is displayed and who the message is presented to.

The process we are following is simple:

  1. Leverage a White-Labeled alternative Fantasy Sports systems as a way to address other challenges in areas of end user retention and fan engagement.
  2. Allow your gaming system to collect first party data
  3. Use your gaming insights to drive affiliate sales

Capture First Party Gaming Data For Yourself

At StatementGames we make it as easy as possible for our partners to deploy their own White-Labeled gaming system. Alternative forms of FREE 2 Play fantasy sports helps with retention. Games serve as a reason for readers to come back and interact with a sports publishers content. The data our ADMIN tool reports on is equally important. Knowing more about the gaming interests of users gives publisher the ability to create stronger affiliate sales messaging. The insights we make available to publishers include who the user is, what sports they interact with, what picks they are making, how such picks are being prioritized, etc. Leveraging the findings provided will help with conversion.

How To Convert More Sportsbook Affiliate Sales

Use your newly found insights strategically. In addition to helping sports content creators organize data, our ADMIN tool allows you to take marketing action on your insights. Use some of the marketing tools we make available to craft a targeted message that incorporates your affiliate offer. For example, if we can show you how a percentage of your userbase has engaged with a New York Giants – Daniel Jones pick. Use this data point to craft a message that is targeted to these readers. A message like – Congratulations on last weeks Daniel Jones pick! He had a great game. The New York Giants QB will be back in action on Monday Night Football but for now, he can also help a $150 bonus from DraftKings. Tactics like this WORK and will help in increasing your affiliate sales revenue.

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