Five Reasons Sports & StatementGames Team Up

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South Florida publishers Five Reasons Sports has integrated StatementGames into their social media strategy. Followers & Subscribers of the network can now play alternative Fantasy Sports. They do so via StatementGames Inc. White-Labeled services.

Five Reason Sports is poised for growth and will be looking at new revenue opportunities by monetizing Free 2 Play alternative fantasy sports games. They will be working with StatementtGames in areas of gaming and fan engagement. The technology being integrated will help Five Reasons:

  1. Engage sports fans creatively.
  2. Help the network collect more community insights.
  3. Better communicate with social media followers and subscribers.

The initial project will involve the utilization of gaming insights so that Five Reasons can sell more merchandise and affiliate offers. Examples of the integration can be found on a variety of Five Reasons Sports Social handles. Ultimately, you can WIN prizes and experiences from Five Reasons Sports by playing a unique style of DFS. To stay updated, be sure to follow / subscribe to Five Reasons at:

  1. Twitter
  2. Facebook
  3. Instagram
  4. YouTube
  5. Five Reasons Sports Gaming

The two organizations have begun collaboration around the upcoming 2023 Football season but basketball related gaming is available in the short term.


Five Reasons Sports & StatementGames Quotes

“Our team is creating multiple pieces of social media content daily! The tools provided by StatmentGames gives us a chance to easily interact with our audience in a way that is different. Similar promotions that we are doing for our fantasy sports affiliates can now but used for strategic internal purposes.“ (Ethan Skolnick, CEO Five Reasons Sports)

“The Five Reasons team has an impressive content marketing strategy. Growing this relationship is going to be fun.” (StatementGames Inc. CEO, Marc Saulino)

About Five Reasons Sports

A Miami sports network talking all things Dolphins, Heat, Marlins & Florida Panthers. For media inquiries please contact Ethan Skolnick at fivereasonssports at

About StatementGames

StatatementGames Inc. is a sports gaming technology that has invented new alternative forms of sports gaming. Through their SAAS technology platform they help sports media partners address challenges in areas of retention, database management & direct sports marketing. For media inquiries please contact

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