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65 of the Best NBA Basketball Blogs

The Sports Media Industry is quickly approaching about 26.2 BN in annual revenue. The market is highly competitive and NBA Bloggers fight to keep the attention of readers. Game Day Previews, DFS Lineup Optimizers and customized alternative Fantasy Basketball tools are great ways to address Fan Engagement.

Lets face it, if your NBA blog is NOT named ESPN, CBS, Yahoo! Sports, etc. you need to be looking at different ways to address challenges in areas of Fan Engagement. Sports publishers and authors need to actively look for creative content strategies that drive fans back to their portals. Coming up with new creative as well as story lines is hard work and takes time. Also, daily sports content created is dependent on a weekly news cycle and sometimes… compelling news is not available or flat. In an effort to add a bit of consistency to your NBA Blogging content schedule, lets look at a few strategies that will keep fans coming back to you.

NBA Blogging About Game Day Previews

Did you know that in the United States during 2001, the NBA was the #1 trending searched term on Google? Millions of people are eager to consume great basketball related content. Game Day Preview articles are a great way to give fans what they are looking for. Good Game Day Preview articles have basic formats and are easy to manage. Once you have established a format, feel free to re-use it in an effort to cut down on production time. Engaging Game Day Preview articles the produce retention results include how teams rank in the standings, basic team insights and trends. StatementGames has found that 35% of fans are more likely to return to our partner portals should the partner offer Game Day Preview content.

DFS Optimizer Tools

Integrating a Fantasy Basketball lineup optimizer into your NBA Blogging site is not that difficult. Check back with us shortly as we will be looking to create a separate post ranking the best possible tools we have come across. The concept of an NBA optimizer is simple. It is a tool that helps Basketball fans leverage data and expert projections in creating a fantasy sports lineup. Even if such a tool is linked behind a paywall or subscription service, StatmentGames has found that our partners who offer DFS or traditional fantasy lineup building optimizer tools have higher retention rates than NBA Bloggers who do not. Retention numbers are stronger by about 27%.

Become A Mini Fantasy Basketball Platform

At StatementGames we have made it so simply for you to integrate an alternative form of Fantasy Basketball directly on your Blog. What this means is that fans play basketball games directly on your network. The look and feel of these games are completely controlled by you. Your logos, secondary marks and background images. Traditional fantasy sports operators do an excellent job in enticing your team to create content that push readers into a website / application that your business does not control. No problems with this at all especially if you have been given an affiliate link. The case we are making is that their is value in doing this for yourself. In fact, having your own gaming portal is the BEST way to address fan engagement challenges!

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