Benefits Of White Labeling Fantasy Sports Technology

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White labeling a Fantasy Sports platform is simple. It occurs when the gaming developer allows the technology created to be displayed under the branding guidelines of a partner. (Website, Mobile Application, Social Media Profile, etc.) Some great opportunities stem from White Labeling technology. Lets take a look at reasons why sports bloggers should White Label Fantasy Sports solutions.

You Become A Fantasy Sports Destination

The US Fantasy Sports market is valued to be 9.84 BN in 2023. 62.5 Million people will play some form of Fantasy Sports here in the US & Canada . Traditional and DFS gaming operators have firm strategies in place with regards to acquiring and retaining players. However, a core part of the strategy is in working with other sports media publisher who are incentivized to create content that dive players to a desired destination. This is great if the business model makes sense. However, why not become a mini destination? You automatically become a mini destination by integrating a White Labeled fantasy sports solution. As a result, you have given your readers more of a reason to interact with your content.


Taking Advantage Of Sports Gaming Technology

Much can be argued on how fantasy sports organizations should be valued. Much has been written about the capital that the industry raised and used. In past years, StatmentGames Inc. even raised 500K in capital from angel investors, friends & family. This was done to create our initial White Labeled MVP solution. Regardless of your thoughts on this topic, a significant amount of resources have been used in developing gaming platforms. Therefore, if you can align yourself with an operator that will give you the ability position good gaming technology as if it is your own – consider it! Taking possession of such technology will not require significant capital. By offering a branded form of fantasy sports you are addressing core fan engagement challenges while pushing forward with a new revenue stream.

Opening Up New Revenue Streams

We are just scratching the surface here but two quick revenue streams that you can access by integrating a White Labeled sports gaming solution.

  1. Advertising – you are becoming more of a destination that keeps fans engaged with your platform. The more readers are engaged the more impressions your network will generate. Therefore, Increased page views and impressions generate even more advertising $.
  2. Affiliate Sports Marketing – The correct White Labeled Fantasy Sports solutions will give you access to more first party sports gaming data. For example, e-mail address. With first party data you have a greater opportunity to tailor affiliate marketing messages that lead to better conversion rates. As a result, more $.

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